Monday, August 2, 2010

Using ICT in the classroom and across the globe?

I've started this blog with the aims of reaching out to those in the education field, sharing knowledge and gaining feedback on my teaching practices with a strong focus on ICT in the classroom.

This week I made contact with Viki Davis in the USA who runs a blog called Cool Cat Teacher and asked her some questions about the use of ICT in classroom practice and how to connect to other student teachers via their blogs?

Viki has provided me with some very useful information and direction, which I shall share as I go through her suggestions. Also I should state that I'm focusing on Primary (which in Queensland is grades 1-7)

In the mean time, I would love any other responses to these questions:
  1. Do you know of any other student teacher blogs?
  2. How do you use ICT in your daily classroom practice?
  3. If your school does not have compute facilities or has to share these with other classes, how do you manage this?
  4. One of my prac schools does not have computer facilities which is very sad for those students - how can you still incorporate learning through ICT if your school does not have the funds for such resources? Can one personal laptop stretch for 24 children?
  5. I've had some interesting discussions with my fellow students and some either don't believe in the use of ICT in the classroom or have very little knowledge of it - how will this impact on their teaching in the future? Will they still be able to related to their students if they don't understand the importance of technology in these students lives?


  1. I read the post that Vicky Davis put on her blog about you and have been following your blog since (not that long ago). I am also a student-teacher (22 years old) working in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. I do have a blog although mine is currently geared towards spreading information made available by our education department, I am looking at modelling other edubloggers at a later stage. Looking forward to your work on this blog.

  2. Hi Tlou, nice to meet you. I'm following your blog - looks interesting. Feel free to give input to any sections of my blog. :)

  3. Hey,

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