Classroom ICT

My personal objective is to introduce as much ICT into classroom lesson plans as possible as I believe the existing generation of students relate to classroom content better though ICT (whether we like it not) and future generations will demand ICT in the classroom.

This will prove to be quite challenging in schools where ICT is limited, however, I believe that the students should be exposed to ICT in all subject areas and all grades in preparation for our changing world.

Teaching strategies that support the use of ICT in the classroom are (as I work with more I shall add to this list):
  • Problem-solving; enable students to use computers as a teaching tool.
  • Assisting students with learning disabilities to connect with content and learn.
  • Visual learns will be exposed to new ways of learning.
ICT use in the classroom is my main focus as a teacher. During my practical experiences in the classroom I will try to create as many lesson plans with ICT as I can. All of my lesson plans can be viewed on my ePorfolio, however specific ICT lessons I will also list here (deep linked to the ePorfolio site).
  • Maths/ICT/SOSE - Graphs and Excel. Grade 2/3 . Students were taught how to use Excel spreadsheets to input data and generate different styles of graphs. Data used continued on from our previous SOSE lesson on Rules and Laws and consisted of Police crime statistics. Click to view the lesson plans and materials.
I'm currently working towards my ICT Certificate with Education Queensland and should be ready to apply as soon as I am employed by the department.
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