Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prac about to begin.. am I ready?

My prac starts Monday and runs for 3 weeks with a grade 2/3 mixed class.

We're thrown in the deep end somewhat in this course and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little terrified.. okay a lot terrified!

Monday afternoon I teach my first lesson - just 30 minutes on Laws & Rules (SOSE) so easy in. I'm just going to do a short brainstorming session about what rules are and gauge the student's level of knowledge about rules - this should help me to form the rest of their lessons on this subject.

I've developed an overview of a sequence of lessons over the next 3 weeks which look a little like this so far (but may change depending on the students responses):

Week 1:
Lesson 1A - What is a rule? (brainstorm/mind map - whole class 30 min)
Lesson 1B - What is a law? (brainstorm/mind map - whole class 30 min)
(Blooms: knowledge/remember)

Week 2:
Lesson 2A - Rules and Laws (contrast and compare possibly using some sort of game and/or Venn diagram ie the students group cards with examples of rules and laws into a Venn diagram showing that some are rules, some are laws and some are both - group work/pairs - time?)
(Booms: comprehension/understanding)

Lesson 2B - Why do we have Rules and Laws? (contextualising with role playing in small groups 'okay today we have no rules or laws any more? .. in groups - role playing as a family trying to get to school/work?? perhaps creating a poster near the end to show the whole class what rules and laws they needed)
(Blooms: application)

Week 3:
Lesson 3 - How are laws made and who enforces them? (perhaps getting a police officer to come and discuss concepts with them? -time?)
(Blooms: synthesising)

Assessment: 10-15 short answer questions/some true/false.

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