My Personal Vision

Brookfield (1990) points out that you should have a clear idea of why you want to teach and hold on to this with both hands, referring back where necessary to reforce your values about teaching.

As a student teacher, my response to why I want to teach may change from time to time, however I would like to record the 'why' so as to not lose sight of the objective in the long-term.

Smyth (1996) encourages teachers to build a personal vision of teaching through critical reflection. This is something I can only build upon through my study and teaching practice.

My Critical Rational
    How would I describe myself as a teacher?
    Patient, honest, understanding and empathetic

    My pedagogical beliefs?
    Relating to students, being authentic, making content 'real' and giving content 'value' to students, making learning fun, using ICT as much as possible in contextualising learning for students.

    The pedagogy that underpins my practice

    This is an ever changing list but hopefully the 'why' remains the same while the 'how' is fine tuned.

    Feedback is very welcome.