Monday, August 16, 2010

Literacy Activity Sheet

I'm currently working with a Literacy Group in a mixed class of grade 2/3 - the students are expected to read through a small book and I have designed an activity sheet to help students think about:
  • the direction the book may be taking (by stopping them half way through to discuss what has happened so far)
  • the main themes of the book
  • the context for the story and discuss how this story may fit in other possible contexts
  • create a list of words they may not be familiar with
The teacher for the class as suggested we cut out the list of words students are not familiar with and paste these into an exercise book (one for each student, cut in half to the right size for the list on each page) so that students can keep a list of words they should know and use their dictionaries to search for the correct meanings.

See the Digital Documents page for a copy of the Activity Sheet.

I shall be trialing this activity sheet out tomorrow with my prac class. I shall post some critical reflection and will also welcome any feedback as usual.


  1. Hi
    I read your post on the gdtl-site. The Standards you saw on others' eportfolios are for an assignment in the last semester of the course. It would be good to look at them, maybe put a link up on your blog and reflect on them as you go. I think you are doing great. Hope you can keep it going through the immense work load. Good Luck, An