Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Literacy Activity Sheet - Reflection

The Literacy Activity Sheet exercise went well. I worked with a group of 7 children today from a mixed grade 2/3 class.

Their reading was quite slow in places which made the activity much more drawn out (not sure how I can solve this?) over a 40 minute sitting.

In our group, each child read a page until we had reached the end of a chapter. I then used the activity sheet and asked each child to discuss what had happened so far. They then drew pictures or wrote (I told them they could do either) to describe the story so far. We made a list of words they were not familiar with down the left hand side of the activity sheet.

In the next box I asked the students what they thought might happen next? More discussion and drawing of pictures which was interesting. We then returned to the story to see if they were right.

We read another chapter and then went back to the activity sheet and discussed where the story was set? and if this story could be set in a different setting such as the city or in space? The space concept was a really good discussion with lots of interesting ideas and those that had not fully engaged began to chatter about how the story would work in space ships etc..

Overall, I felt the exercise sheet went well however it was very time consuming as the student's reading was so slow - perhaps this is not something I should worry too much about?


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  2. Hi there -
    I saw your link on one of the USQ forums, I am also doing the GDTL (O actually), and had a look... well done... I love it... I blog too, so will set one up specifically for my teaching stuff too...
    Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Hi Abby, be sure to send me a link to your blog I'd love to see it when it's up and running.