Saturday, July 24, 2010

Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI)

I took my Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) test today at

The results were:

Transmission total: (Tr) 37.00
B=14; I=11; A=12
Apprenticeship total: (Ap) 38.00
B=12; I=15; A=11
Developmental total: (Dv) 38.00
B=11; I=14; A=13
Nurturance total: (Nu) 40.00
B=13; I=13; A=14
Social Reform total: (SR) 31.00
B=9; I=10; A=12
Beliefs total: (B) 59.00
Intention total: (I) 63.00
Action total: (A) 62.00
Mean: (M) 36.80
Standard Deviation: (SD) 3.06
HiT: (HiT) 40.00
LoT: (LoT) 34.00
Overall Total: (T) 184.00

I wonder if this will change once I start teaching and by how much?

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